I-brain believes in the power of imagination and technological prowess to create something new and radical. Almost half a decade ago a single person took a initiative with their canny perspectives towards 3D architectural visualization and animation. Penchant for perfection, eye for innovation and urge to excel has led the team i-brain design to set the industry benchmarks very high. We do not boast but we are proud of our exceptional understanding, exceptional creativity and exceptional visualization that’s delivered from of design, animation, print ideas and innovative marketing communications.


with a resolute determination to outdo our best performance, we aim to stand at par with world leaders. We tread roads less travelled and envision to be recognized as the most innovative organization across the nation.


our mission is to stay updated with the newest technology in international market and making the best of it. expanding our horizons in terms of new trends, skills and knowledge, thereby proposing something new to our clients each time.


i-brain stands high on its service excellence that finds its roots in organization’s foundational values of sincerity, creativity, integrity, dedication and value addition.

Our Team

The team at i-brain Design is headed by visionaries who are Passionate about their fields. A team of 10+ professionals work at i-brain Design, which include 3D rendering experts, Graphic Designers, Visualizers, animators and so on. A creative, rewarding and challenging environment in the premises allows i-brain Design its clients in a superlative manner. An image is brought to virtual reality just the way an architect envisions it to be.

The Studio

The office spread in over 1500 sq. ft. area has state-of-the-art technology. A prized possession besides our creative excellence, the premises is equipped with high speed processing equipment like 48 cores rendering machine, largely used by Disney for their motion pictures. Superior quality output in less time without compromising on quality is only obvious. We maintain a process driven and well-coordinated environment which is stimulating and equally fun to be at.