A one-stop solution for all your 3D architectural Visualization and graphic designing.

With the entire communication taking place under one roof, the process gets smoothed. Our association with the best of print in the market permits us to produce quality deliverables.
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Exterior Design

We deliver virtual reality by replicating real-life elements, such that, it serves the purpose of giving a realistic picture to the beholders, the clients, customers. At i-brain design, we have a special team of in-house designers who create near-to-actual aesthetic exterior elements like plantations, pots and other such artifacts. We have developed a rich library of various Arte-facts which can be used in presentation.

Interior Design

Our designers and visualizes possess good sense of proportion of accessories and ornaments and play enough attention to little details of aesthetics, such that, they give a clear picture of the actual from in the virtual presentation. Our very own library of near-to-real and workable interiors include murals, sculpture, interior plants etc. Our library of hundreds of such interior element viable for project application is a testimony to this.


There is more to i-brain design than 3D rendering and animation. Our in-house creative team takes care of all marketing communication for our client's projects. We have been reproducing marketing collateral like brochures, outdoor promotion, bill boards, signage, promotional material for exhibition and launch events, indoor advertising etc. our most innovative designs, finest use of material and novel printing ideas makes our work stand apart from the rest.